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Is there anything more annoying than someone who keeps texting you, even when you don't respond? With texts, you can't just do the universally accepted, "My reception is fading.

I can't hear you," and then give an Oscar-worthy performance as a person dealing with failed reception. Enough with the "I don't have a signal" calls; eventually, your caller will get frustrated and stop calling you. You then might decide to give it right back to your texter and hwo them with images of cats.

But with your luck, they'd return the favor and text hundreds of cat pictures back to you, making every day Caturday. How can you stop the text-madness, and prevent yourself from getting a text-overdose? If you never respond to their texts, they might take the hint That's one thing that no one, no matter how desperately somelne want to text you, wants.

Tripp and Tyler suggest that when you want to discourage someone from texting, send this message: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.

You may have to send it a few times for them to get the message, but after a while they'll hopefully get it and stop tormenting you. Blocking was created for this exact situation.

After you've blocked their number, if they continue to harass you by using another number to text you, take legal action and get a restraining order. A no contact restraining order prevents them from texting you, or they will suffer severe consequences. Follow Us.

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