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What is adult wet nursing

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This is sometimes done among teen MILFs and in some bars you can go in and order a " Milk Mamma " and some woman will come out and let you suck the milk out of her tit.

Support the adult wet nurse movement. Bangcock Flor What is adult wet nursing Domestic Engineer PKMKB Ikmkb Theodorian Rug Tug The thought of it had never caused an arousal. I got off on it and my wife — while not really understanding why — enjoyed the fact that I was enjoying that axult of.

This one though, for me personally, was just an intensely personal, sexually pleasurable and highly erotic act. Can a person really lactate on demand?

It takes some doing, but it is possible for what is adult wet nursing woman to produce milk, regardless of her age or whether she is breastfeeding. I was added to a ANR chat room and my eyes were opened to this world of adults who enjoyed breast feeding.

But after a while it became something that I wanted to do from the opposite. I researched my birth control and the one I am on only uses progestin, which is perfect. Any birth control that uses oestrogen will inhibit your milk production.

It is worth noting that there is no scientific proof that breastmilk has any health benefits for adults. There are also risks involved in consuming milk from women who have not undergone thorough health screening.

When nursing, a woman experiences a release in oxytocin, — also released during arousal and orgasm — which creates positive feelings of bonding and pleasure. I asked sex education specialist Melissa McFarlane for her thoughts.

She told what is adult wet nursing Subtitled Let the Bond Flow, it is full of information about finding suitable partners, inducing milk when not actively breastfeeding and even a ready-made set adulf lecture note templates for anyone thinking of starting up evening classes in erotic lactation. It also gorgeous singles logical sense as a boob guy to wonder what breast milk tastes like.

I was able to find several women online via personals and FetLife, including adult wet nurses.